Cleasathon-Inis OírrEnglish Version Irish Version


       Cleasathon 2018 on the 31st March next year.                          


Congratulations and thank you to all who helped to make Cleasathon-Inis Oírr 2017 a wonderful experience for every one. 

10K  Time       16K  Time       7K  Time 
Thomas Sherlock 0:37:13   Martyn  Clarke          1:13:30    Niall Sherlock       0:27:02
Noreen O' Connor 0:44:16   Michael Killeen 1:14:39   Allasdair Brown 0:27:42
Colm Corrigan 0:44:27   John Ahearn 1:17:04   Luke Maher 0:28:35
Kevin Conlon 0:45:49   Charni Purewal 1:18:37   Michael Kavanagh 0:30:25
Colin Phillips 0:47:23   Murilo Goulart 1:18:40   Colm Gavin 0:33:24
Brian Meringer 0:47:52   Neasa Canavan 1:20:11   Paula Molohan 0:34:09
Mark Grehan 0:48:02   John Newcombe 1:22:15   Ronald Gardiner 0:34:29
Edwina Davoren 0:48:18   John Killilea 1:23:22   Sarah Joyce 0:35:59
Yvonne Rouse 0:49:20   Declan Moran 1:23:22   Finella O' Connor 0:36:14
Colm Ó Conghaile 0:49:20   Mark Clague 1:23:47   Elaine Crowley 0:36:48
Stephen Hudson 0:49:29   Michael Evans 1:28:16   Treasa Ní Choisteala 0:37:19
Eoin Ó Conghaile 0:50:47   Michael Noonan 1:33:01   Tory Meringer 0:37:26
Yvonne Hudson 0:50:55   Darren Ó Riagáin 1:35:00   Sorcha Dunne 0:37:29
Seán A. Searraigh 0:51:48   Gary Rowan 1:35:05   Jaymes Steere 0:38:03
Miriam Maher 0:52:07   Morgan Commins 1:36:28   Mairéad Ní Chonghaile 0:38:45
Anne Marie Grehan 0:52:08   Paul Stapleton 1:37:00   Ger Barry 0:38:49
Kevin Cullen 0:54:01   Hubert Newall 1:37:54   Juliana Goulart 0:39:44
Tricia Clancy 0:54:20   Nicola Leddy 1:40:24   Emer Ní Ghríofa 0:39:48
Lana Kairey 0:55:42   Tadhg Ó Loingsigh 1:47:33   Katie Howley 0:40:02
Colin Maher 0:56:09   Liz Ryan 1:47:33   Deirdre Moran 0:40:14
Mairéad Mhic an tSionna 0:56:37   Siobhán Moore 1:48:40   Anne Marie Brady 0:40:15
Nichola Phillips 0:56:51   Paul Coady 1:48:53   Laura McKay 0:41:35
Siobhán Dalton 0:58:25   Fearghal Ó Donncha 2:00:48   Robert Steere 0:44:15
Eamonn Moore 0:58:58   Lynda Talbot 2:04:20   Edel Killilea 0:47:24
Eimear Craddock 1:08:09   Cormac Lyons 2:04:21   Jeanie Dillane 0:47:24
Orlaith Mannion 1:11:20   Maura Shaughnessy 2:23:41   Pamela Gardiner 0:48:37
Síle Corish 1:11:28   Sharon Commins 2:23:41   Brona Ní Gháirbhith 0:48:41
Johny McDonagh 1:27:46   Paul Joyce 2:27:21   Síle Ní Chonghaile 0:48:41
Georgia Brophy 0:00:00   Mary O' Connor 2:27:21   Lorna Farren 0:49:55
      David Giles (shortcut) 1:15:01   Jackie Ní hUallacháin 0:52:06
      Brian Gardner 0:00:00   Jose Zamorano 0:53:11
            Louise Davoren 0:53:11
            Aoibhe Ní Chadhain 0:58:39
            Clíona Ní Dhomhnaill 0:58:41
            Róisín Ní Dhomhnaill 0:58:41
            Hannah Ní Chonghaile 0:58:43
            Zoe Cunningham 1:01:58
            Máire Ní Chonghaile 1:02:40
            Oonagh McGrath 1:02:40
            Kyle Gormley 1:11:04
            Bríd Seoighe 1:11:43
            Orla Murray 1:11:44
            Deirdre Murray 1:11:45
            Ciara Sloan 1:11:55
            Aileen Lally 1:11:56
            Sally Rooney 1:11:57
            Suzanne Fogarty 1:12:09
            Nóirín Uí Chonghaile 1:13:18
            Róisín Ní Chonghaile 1:13:18
            Shannon Fogarty 1:16:19
            Trish Uí Chonghaile 1:19:01
            May Ní Chonghaile 1:19:02
            Cáit Ní Chualain 1:19:04
            Cathy Dunne 1:27:57
            Jessica Dunne 1:27:57



On the Day registration at An Pháirc:10am-12.45pm  

Please note that, for insurance purposes, the 16k Adventure Run is for over 18's only.                                           Under 16's participating in the 10k and 7k need a parent's/guardian's signature on the declaration of fitness and the disclaimer.                     

The three options for Cleasathon 2017 are: 

16k Adventure Run - Starting Time: 1.30pm. A 16k adventure course along the coastline and seashore.

10k Road Run - Starting Time: 1.30pm.  It is definitely no walk in the Páirc!                                       

Twisted 7K Road Run - Starting Time: 1.30pm. This themed run takes in some of the beautiful hilly routes of Inis Oírr.


About Us:  Cleas, Inis Oírr, Oileáin Árann, Co. Galway.                                                                                    Tel.: 09975979         E-mail:

Our aim at Cleas is to enhance life on our island of Inis Oírr.

To this end we provide a public transport service with our bus Síob an Phobail, a year-round daily service.

We support the promotion of the Irish language through our Translation Service Business to clients and the general public.

We sell hand harvested island seaweed products Fiúntas Feamainne including carrageen, dulse and bathing seaweeds. 

We repair the Island's Seashore Walkways and ensure they remain open throughout the year.        

We organise the annual Easter Cleasathon-Inis Oírr running events.

We grow willow and produce traditional and modern Items of Basketry

The world famous model Aran Currachs in various sizes are hand crafted by our team and sold here.  

The multi-coloured traditional belt the Crios is also produced by us.

Our Cleas Crafts outlet, situated upstairs in our Áras Éanna premises, stocks crafts produced by local island craftspeople and remains open throughout the year.                                       

Through our Taste of the Gaeltacht we cater for groups keen to sample our island's heritage.

We also provide Guided Walking Tours, available all year around.

Through our Environmental Projects we endeavour to keep the many walking routes, sideroads and wells on our island  accessible and litter free.                                                                                                

More information on all of these on 'Island General Info' page.                                              

Why Cleasathon?

Through Cleasathon we want to reveal the magnificence of Inis Oírr's frontier landscape. For this reason we continue year in year out to remove the unwanted flotsam tarnishing the beauty of our island's natural environment. To increase accessibility to the back of the island for islanders, visitors and future adventurers we also cleared a walking trail. Our powerful neighbour the Atlantic Ocean ensures our continuing efforts as mighty winter swells lash the coastline disturbing trails and depositing rejected rubbish onto the island's stormbeaches.  

Cleasathon is a Cleas project. Money raised through this event will be used to continue the above work and a percentage will be donated to a national charity.